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Saturday July 06, 2019 - 15:21:49
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UE HOLDING AGENDA - Initial Site Visit for the proposed FARM PROCESSING PLANT ( Somaliland ) 20th Jun, 2019
UE Site Visit Plan

Step Program Objective of the program
1 Opening meeting
1 Come to know each other (stakeholders),
2 Description in brief project objectives,

This needs to be addressed nature of the opportunity, what exactly expecting to do, capacities etc., raw materials, products expecting to produce, target markets, selling process, investments etc.

2 Proposed Site visit 1 Hope to check the following and see the land suitability for the project,
2 Landscape,
3 Nature of the soil,
4 Size of the land,
5 Legal documents of the land,
6 Energy supply,
7 Water availability,
8 Routes facility,
9 Waste removal facility,
10 Surrounding areas,
11 Distance to residential areas and any evidence of agriculture or Farm stock activities close to the site,
12 Distance from the BERBERA MAIN ROAD area, farming ground and distance to int. main sea port and other delivery and transport facilities,

3 Visiting farm landing sites / shipping Companies, meeting farmmen, farm products suppliers, Cold containers and related institutions, farms, sites etc 1 Aware of exact situation of raw materials and supply chain,
2 The following information are important.

Freely available food vegetables verities, food agriculture

Any seasonal effect to supply. Climate issues, Are whether issues, rough condition in Farm, etc,

Any quota allocated for farm products, Vegetables different types

Quantity available (roughly ),

Agriculture Farm Products, all Vegetables prices,

Quality of the raw material / Vegetables,

Sanitary condition of the Shipping, landing sites, Cold Containers etc,

Knowledge of on board handling of Farm Vegetables products,

Willingness to learn new technology and adequate quality improving methods,
Discussions with government authorities ( Competent Authority ), legal bodies and any other relevant parties.
4 1 Collecting some more information regarding possibility of Modern establishing a farm processing plant for export and local market,
2 Any government scheme to support and courage investor for establishing a Farm processing plant,
3 Government policy decisions over the Agriculture farming industry and it's potentiality,
4 Rules and regulations to establish and operate such a Agriculture farm plant,
5 Check, Discuss the availability of Other related services and materials availability to run a agriculture farm processing plant
1 Skill Labours for all the fields and it's present status,
2 Availability of third party testing laboratories and related services,
3 Availability of required packing materials,
4 Availability of frequent sea freight and land distribution delivery services,
5 Communication and internet, Banking and Import & Export facilities available,
6 Producing a report and discussion regarding the visits done.
This should be addressed all positive and negative findings. And all challenges and barriers understood. It should have a depth discussion regarding the matters.
If it is feel that, it is possible and viable business, discuss……..
1 Next step of the project,
2 Prepare a time line to implement the project with details of all the target dates etc
3 Make an agreement among the parties, to make the project reality

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