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Chairman's Message

United Enterprise established in 2010, we have been working very hard for the birth of United Enterprise Group and evolving and shaping group into the highly diversified business it is today. The scope of our operational expertise is extremely broad and this has allowed us to establish a strong presence across several industries; from Automobile to Construction and Real Estate. We take always take active in our Country’s Development and contribute to its well being and we are very proud of that.

We are a young and fast growing group of companies and operating at what, we believe; is an exciting to for us. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the very important changes we see happening around us.

We always urge our business partners and employees not to forget that the most challenging task for our generation is the preservation of our natural resources and management of these for the future generations. It is our responsibility to care of the environment.

We are very satisfied with the Group’s development at this time; we acknowledge that we are operating in very fragile socioeconomic environment. We are aiming at consistent and long term growth and , in pursuit of that goal, we allocate our resources cautiously and build partnerships with only the most reputable, highly respected and successful names in global business.

One of the most important ideas that has shaped my development vision for the group is thinking of the group structure as a network of talent and experience, supported by a range of carefully chosen partners, rather than a traditional, one dimensional team. We make the most of what we, as a team already understand and good at, each business unit though designed to be fully capable in its own right, is supported by strong internal bonds and affiliations with a wide range of several industries; from construction to agriculture, Real Estate, Automobile and Trading. We welcome and take part in our county's development and contribute to its well-being and we are very proud of this.

We work as one team, one body, and one goal. As a result, we will grow together.

Mr. Mahamud Sahardiid

Chief Executive Office