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EverGreen Farm

EverGreen Farm was established in 2019 after careful assessment of the local population relying heavily on imports from neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia & war torn Yemen. In order for a country to succeed on the global scale, they must be self sufficient on numerous fronts especially food security.
EverGreen farm consist of approximately 15 hectares which is located just on the outskirts, of Hargeisa. (see images below). Many local farmers are seasonal farmers and rely heavily on the rain seasons for their harvest; that is not sustainable as Somaliland has suffered from droughts in recent years. Before we started to farm anything we began to dig a water well, after countless days and the upmost patience we reached the confined aquifer approximately 163m.  

EverGreen Farm is dedicated to sustainable development which is why we plan to develop our farm land with greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation and have started digging our very own water well. However, our very first crop we farmed was watermelons as they require little time for harvest as well as plenty of water & sunlight.

Our 5 year plan in the agriculture industry would be to use our farmland to train the younger generation in modern techniques in farming. We plan to work alongside our partner university, AAMUC, and provide degrees, workshops and short courses in agriculture.

Stay tuned for updates regarding our farm and please have a look at the images below.